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The founder of Code for America will soon become the deputy U.S. chief technology officer.
At least, that's one thing Sears is trying out.
The company's secretive research office working on a number of neat tech innovations
‘There is nothing Apple can do to get us mad at them,’ comedian jokes.
The way in which innovations miss the mark can be as important as how they succeed.
The government’s next job is to figure out which data is most valuable, reliable.
A former federal IT executive reflects on whether government service can be ‘cool.’
The International Atomic Energy Agency since early 2012 has convened nine meetings on the stalled inquiry.
The law is murky on how to treat hackers who spread false information with potentially catastrophic consequences.
Six-fold increase Americans talking politics on Facebook, Twitter, other sites, since 2008.
Tool would remotely sense explosives concealed in dense material without emitting cancer-causing radiation.
Many of the state's plans have been put on hold after funding becomes a problem.
Assembling the case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev won't be as simple as it appears from the news.
The institution’s 1,500 vehicles are used for law enforcement, bus service, animal transport and more.
Members of Congress increasingly are Tweeting and posting on Facebook, according to a new report.
Philadelphia’s Chief Data Officer Mark Headd describes the tangible benefits of open government.
The bill will fundamentally change the way agencies purchase technology.
The FAA expects 30,000 remotely-piloted aircraft in the skies by 2015.
Service had planned to use scrapped Defense/VA integrated health record
Participants learn more about research and science and technology careers.
Agency’s Presidential Innovation Fellows need experience in finance and data science, CIO says.
Cash-strapped USPS turns to high-tech fashion.
Relive the real-time updates of Obama's speech.
Report focuses on the necessary people skills and organizational processes.
The late-night show spends an entire segment on tech stories Monday.
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