InformationWeek Software News


InformationWeek Software News

Reported licensing agreements with major music companies set the stage for Apple to challenge Google, Rdio and Spotify.

After stabilizing over the last few months, Windows 8 adoption fell off a cliff in May. Can Windows 8.1 turn things around this summer?

Microsoft announces in-memory-enhanced Microsoft SQL Server 2014, supports hybrid cloud with Windows Server and System Center upgrades.

Critics say Oracle hasn't done enough to address ongoing security and code quality problems in the Java browser plug-in.

State Street, Unisys, GE Capital, KPMG and Leaseplan lead list of companies recognized as E2 Social Business Leaders.

Appthority Portal gives customers greater granularity in determining and responding to mobile risk factors.

Tablets are cannibalizing PC sales -- but while iOS and Android feast, consumers have left Windows RT to starve. Can Windows 8.1 save Microsoft's lightweight OS?

Microsoft confirms Windows 8.1 will include boot-to-desktop options and a restored Start button. But other interface criticisms remain unanswered.

Microsoft has started integrating Lync and Skype, as expected. Phase 1 doesn't include video support, but Cisco's claims of "monopoly" indicate it's concerned.

Why haven't cash-strapped American schools embraced open-source operating systems on the desktop?

Information overload got you down? Just divide your Gmail messages among different tabs and your inbox may seem more manageable.

Almost in spite of itself, Windows 8 could finally be poised for takeoff. But first, Microsoft will need to appease unhappy and confused users.

Business leaders believe in big data's potential but are frustrated by lengthy projects and complicated tools, according to IDG/Kapow study.

PCs are in even worse shape than expected, says IDC, but that's not necessarily bad news for Windows 8.

Windows, Office, and Photoshop are most commonly pirated apps, according to new study.

Tablet shoppers face an ever-growing number of options beyond the iPad. We break down 10 key considerations.

Google talks about Chrome OS and the Chrome browser as though they're different products, but they continue to converge. Witness the new rich notifications feature.

Bug hunter criticizes Microsoft's "great hostility" to outside security researchers, releases proof-of-concept exploit for unpatched zero-day Windows vulnerability,

SmartReach, a joint venture comprised of several tech and communications companies, has developed communications technology for the U.K's planned smart energy meter project.

SuccessFactors founder and CEO resigns from SAP Executive Board and will leave the company June 1.

Windows 8 has been a particularly big flop on the desktop. Can a mouse designed to make the OS friendlier help? CEO Marc Benioff takes the long view while Wall Street reacts to a lower-than-expected outlook.

Interplanetary weather app that integrates weather data from Mars and Earth is among the winners of the competition.

Defunct software company expands patent infringement suit to include Best Buy, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Samsung.

Edubuntu update includes several new packages, including a touch-typing tutor and a mindmapping tool.

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